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Last Stable Release

This is the latest stable release. Check out the release notes and documentation for more info.


GridWay is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.
Copyright 2002-2013, GridWay Project Leads (GridWay.org).

Any academic report, publication or other academic disclosure of results obtained with the GridWay metascheduler will acknowledge GridWay's use by an appropriate citation to a relevant paper by GridWay Project members. Please do not cite the web page, GridWay contributors work in an academic environment, in which the number of citations is used for evaluation.

GridWay as Globus Project

GridWay is a Globus project, adhering to Globus philosophy and guidelines for collaborative development. For information about GridWay releases shipped with the Globus Toolkit, see GridWay at dev.globus and Globus Toolkit documentation.

GridWay virtual appliance in Amazon EC2

We provide the following public AMIs for instancing the latest developments of GridWay.

GridWay VersionAMITypebase OSLocation
5.5.0 ami-0a5d767e 32 bits Ubuntu Server 9.04 EU-West
5.5.0 ami-1ddd3e74 32 bits Ubuntu Server 9.04 US-East

Note: In order to use it we suggest you to check the HOW TO.

Release Schedule

The following table details the release cycle of the GridWay 5.x series. GridWay 5.x is the result of a strong feedback from our user community, if you think we forgot something don't hesitate to ask for it in the user discussion mailing list.

Project Roadmap

A detailed list of planed features for the upcoming release of GridWay is available in the development page. Please send your comments or requests to the GridWay mailing-list.

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