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GridWay 4.9.1 Incremental Release Notes (released on May 11, 2006)

Accounting support

This release includes support for usage accounting, using the Berkeley Data Base library. Usage statistics can be access with the gwacct command.

Hard Kill

Jobs can be now killed in any state, use gwkill -9.

Improved support for LCG based Grids

Staging is now performed with the Storage Element, when available.

Thread-safety in DRMAA libraries

DRMAA library can be used in multi-threaded programs.

Scheduler skeleton

Those interested in developing new schedulers can find a scheduler skeleton in the source tree. This program template allows the development of new scheduler modules. Also a new user round-robin scheduler is distributed with GridWay 4.9.1.

Cleaner log files

Log files are now cleaner. The logging system does not output verbose debugging information, log messages are classified: [I] information, [W] warnning or [E] error.

Support for GateWays

GridWay can be now interfaced via GRAM. Please refer to Grid4Utility for more information.

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