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Promotional Material

  • Globus two-page promotional handout [ pdf ]
  • Globus GridWay from Supercomputing 2007 [ pdf ]
  • GridWay5.2 Flyer [ pdf ]

Training Material


Training Events and Presentations



During 2010 and before

Globus Outreach

More available material related with describing GridWay is available in the Globus Outreach page, namely:

  • One slide - 5 minute talk. Briefly describes what is GridWay and its main features ( ppt )
  • Eleven slides - 15 minutes talk. Content: GridWay Overview, its architecture and main features. GridWay Components. Scheduling Policies. Examples of use: Enterprise and Partner Grids. A tool for interoperability ( ppt )
  • Fifty six slides - 90 minutes tutorial. Content: The tutorial focuses on the command line interface and the development of codes using the C and JAVA bindings of the DRMAA OGF standard: An Overview of the GridWay Metascheduler, Submission, Monitoring and Control of Jobs and Programming with the DRMAA OGF standard. ( ppt )

Research Publications

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