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GridWay 5.3 Incremental Release Notes

Backward Compatibility Summary

GridWay 5.3.0 is a development release that ships with functionality additions focused in extending usability for the end users. The following information regards compatibility with its previous stable version, 5.2.3:

API changes since GridWay 5.2.3:

  • Added DRMAA scripting language bindings for Python, Ruby and Perl.

CLI changes since GridWay 5.2.3:

  • Added gwdag, a tool to run Condor DAGMAN compatible workflows.

Configuration interface changes since GridWay 5.2:

  • None

Changes Summary

Since GridWay 5.2, development activities have been focused on easing the integration of GridWay with major Grid infrastructures: EGEE, TeraGrid and OSG. In this new development release, GridWay 5.3, support to access the NorduGrid infrastructure is also included. Also, new bindings for DRMAA and support for DAGMAN workflows are included.

New to GridWay 5.3:

Integration with major Grid Infrastructures

Following the trend from previous releases, GridWay 5.3 is capable of integrate with another major infrastructure: NorduGrid. Drivers for Execution and Transfer are included in this release.

New DRMAA bindings for scripting languages

Previous GridWay releases come with support for C and Java bindings implementing the DRMAA standard. Scripting languages are interesting from the point of view of rapid application prototyping among others. From dsa-research.org we believe this to be an interesting aspect, and that is why GridWay 5.3 includes bindings to access the DRMAA standard from scripting languages such as Perl, Ruby and Python.

Support for DAGMAN workflows

There is an increasing interest from the scientific community to be able to run complex workflows on a Grid environment. An almost de-facto standard to represent DAG workflows is Condor DAGMAN. In this development release GridWay includes a new workflow launcher (gwdag) that handles this kind of workflows.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug 5497: Support to define MPI jobs in the DRMAA JAVA bindings
  • Bug 5663: Autotools configuration for database is broken
  • Bug 5677: Thread blocking occurs when recovering the scheduler

Known Problems

The following is a list of all of the bugs known at the time for the 5.3 release:

  • Bug 5308: gwd doesn't recover AIDs and TIDs
  • Bug 5641: Sudoers configuration not allowing sudo to be run from a program
  • Bug 5718: Transfer Errors
  • Bug 5719: Timeouts for EM and TM Drivers
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