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Release Notes 5.6

GridWay 5.6 is the new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler, completely backwards-compatible with versions 5.4 and 5.5.

Release date: December 17th, 2009.

SSH Middleware Access Driver (MAD)

Even if the support for the ssh driver was already included as an example, now it has become mature enough to be included as an option to the installation. It is not a default option, but the flag --enable-ssh brings it to the game at the configuration stage. The requirements are the ruby language and net/ssh and net/sftp libraries.

Loading of user's proxy

Now the user manager correctly captures de subject information of the user's proxy.

Improved configuration script

The addition of the --enable-ssh flag allows the automatic installation of the ssh MADs execution and transfer manager drivers. The matching of the version is complete and some extra packages needed are checked for sanity of the installation.

Cumulative adaptations from the 5.5 development branch

It is worth mention that all the features added in the development version have been retained. They are LDAP Information MAD, XML output support and many bug fixings.

Bug fixing & development tracking

As expected, some new bugs have been worked out bug fixing and development campaign, solving the following issues:

  • Bug #61: Gridway compilation error.
  • Bug #63: Warnings in drmaa library and others when compiling
  • Bug #70: Help output not grammatically consistent
  • Bug #71: Error “FAILED: failed permission denied” when waiting for array jobs
  • Bug #73: Error with gwacct -h
  • Feature #72: Addition of ssh driver to standard installation
  • Documentation #74: Documentation version 5.6.0
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