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Release Notes 5.10

GridWay 5.10 is the new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler.

Release date: 30th March, 2012

Improved BES and CREAM drivers

Execution drivers for OGSA-BES and CREAM have been improved in this release, in terms of performance, scalability and reliability. Some functionality bugs have been fixed.

FHS-compliant installation

GridWay core and MADs can now be installed according to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS). To this end, GridWay must be configured using the options –prefix=/usr (installation directory), –localstatedir=/usr/share/gridway/5.10.0/var (location of var/ directory) and –datarootdir=/usr/share/doc/gridway-5.10.0 (documentation directory).

Changes in the scheduler to enqueue jobs

The scheduler now submit jobs to resources based only on their rank, not on their free slots.

Other features

This release includes the following minor features:

  • Set maximum retries for job cancel operations.
  • Disk size and free space are shown in GB when needed.
  • Submission of MPI jobs to GRAM4 with wrapper.
  • Improved error messages in MDS4 for GT4.0.

Bug fixing

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Bug #114: GW does not retry after a recover failure
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