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GridWay 5.2 Release Notes

This is the first GridWay release since it escalated to a full Globus project. The new version fixes minor bugs and includes major enhancements.

Release Date: February 28th, 2007

State-of-the-art Scheduling Policies

The new Grid scheduling policy comprises two components:

  • Job prioritization policies. Pending jobs are prioritize according to four policies: fixed, fair-share, deadline and waiting-time. The job policies are used to sort the jobs of the users of a given scheduling domain (GridWay instance).
  • Resource prioritization policies. A given job can be executed on those resources that match it requirements. The resource policies are used to sort the matching resource list of each job. The matching resources are prioritize according four policies: fixed, usage, failure and rank..

Support for Job Submission Description Language (JSDL) standard

GridWay now supports the JSDL Open Grid Forum standard. JSDL is a language used to describe the requirements of jobs for submission to Grids (like the current job template used in GridWay). JSDL can be use be an alternative way to write job templates. So GridWay can be easly integrated with current applications/projects using JSDL to describe jobs.

Support fro MPI jobs

GridWay provides support for the remote execution of MPI jobs to a single resource. MPI jobs are defined with the new TYPE template attribute (TYPE=“mpi”), and the NP attribute to set the number of processors required to execute the job.

New functionality in GridWay CLI

This release includes new functionality in the following GridWay commands:

  • gwhost: A new option, -f, has been added to show all host parameters in a parameter-value format.
  • jsdl2gw: New command to translate JSDL requests to Job Template.
  • gwsubmit: A new option, -p, has been added to specify the fixed priority of the job amd it is also able to read the job templates for stdin.
  • gwps: New format options.
  • all: The help information provided with -h has been reviewed.

You can find out more information in the commands help (-h option) or in the command reference guide.

New attributes in the Job Template

This release includes new attributes in the Job Template:

  • NAME to specify a name for the job.
  • DEADLINE to specify the deadline date for the new deadline policy for Job Prioritization.
  • TYPE and NP to indicate that a job uses MPI and the needed number of processors (NP), respectively.

Test suite

Last release incorporates a test suite to evaluate the quality of the software. The test suite can be used to check the installation of the meta-scheduler.

Support for EGEE VOs

The user is now able to specify the VO in the requirement expression. So, a single GridWay instance is able to provide execution support for users of different VOs and a user is able to manage different VOs from the same GridWay instance.

Fixed Bugs in GridWay 5.2

Here is the list of bugs fixed in GridWay 5.2, follow the links for a description of each bug: 4925, 5001, 5003, 4919, 5010.

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