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Release Notes 5.14

GridWay 5.14 is a new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler.

Release date: April 1st, 2013

New EMI-ES driver (Tech Preview)

A technology preview of a EMI-ES execution driver based on an ARC Client plug-in is now available for testing.

Usage statistics reporting to EGSC

GridWay now can send usage statistics to the European Globus Statistics Collector.

Other features

Now the target implementation for BES driver is provided in the host contact, instead of using the -t option of the driver. Therefore, LRMS_NAME should be “bes-<target>-<lrms>”, with target being “gridsam” or “unicore”.

Bug fixing

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Bug #138: Wrong exec time for jobs running for more than one day
  • Bug #139: Wrong error messages in CREAM driver when proxy delegation fails
  • Bug #140: gw_tm_mad_dummy -g does not stop the GASS server after shutdown
  • Bug #143: Poor error messages in gwsubmit
  • Bug #144: Duplicate delegations in CREAM driver
  • Bug #145: CREAM driver deletes the same job when poll and callback simultaneous operations
  • Bug #149: Code cleaning and resource consumption improvements in BES driver
  • Bug #150: BES driver does not recover UNICORE jobs
  • Bug #151: CFLAGS concat in configure fails if previously defined
  • Bug #153: Check command help
  • Bug #154: Executable stderr not shown in wrapper stderr
  • Bug #155: localstatedir should be /var/lib/gridway
  • Bug #156: Buffer overflow in submit due to snprintf_chk
  • Bug #157: ld fails with -as-needed flag and Globus libraries
  • Bug #158: Buffer overflow in gw_acct_join_search_by_host_and_user
  • Bug #159: BDII IM MAD does not work without -q option
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