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GridWay 5.2.3 Incremental Release Notes

This release does not add any new features, just fixes for bugs reported by users and some performance improvements.

Release Date: October 8th, 2007

New Information MAD

Bug 5251 was reopened and, as a result, a new Information MAD for MDS4 has been developed. Since this new MAD has significant performance improvements, its use is highly recommended.

Fixed Bugs in GridWay 5.2.3

Here is the list of bugs fixed in GridWay 5.2.3, follow the links for a description of each bug: 4563, 4789, 5404, 5411, 5413, 5438, 5448, 5449, 5458, 5461, 5462, 5476, 5497, 5498, 5561 and 5579.

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