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GridWay 5.2.1 Incremental Release Notes

Since GridWay 5.2, development activities has been focused on easing the integration of GridWay with the major Grid infrastructures: EGEE, TeraGrid and OSG. As a result, the flexibility of GridWay has been considerably improved. In addition, an important effort has been made to improve the reliability of GridWay's core.

Release Date: July 13th, 2007

Integration with major Grid Infrastructures

GridWay 5.2.1 can be easily integrated with all the major Grid infrastructures. Its functionality has been extended to operate different Grid deployments, which includes support for different execution/transfer schemes, information models and service configurations.

Improved Reliability

Previous GridWay releases do not handle MAD crashes. GridWay 5.2.1 will reload MAD process Whenever a MAD is killed or crash.

New Information model

The dynamic information of a host gathered from the Grid Information server can be mixed with custom variables defined by the GridWay administrator. This functionality is very useful when you need to extend the information scheme but have no access to the Grid server. For example, you can use this new feature to add software or license attributes to grid resources, that can be subsequently used for resource requirement expressions.

Configuration Interface for MADs

Middleware Access drivers needs some environment variables to work properly. Usually, sudo must be configured to preserve this variables (e.g. GLOBUS_LOCATION or GW_LOCATION). GridWay 5.2.1 has a new configuration interface to ease this configuration. In this way, global (and per user) environment variables can be defined for MAD execution. This new feature allows GridWay to work with delegated credentials when configured with a GRAM interface.

Flexible definition of file transfer servers

A GridFTP server, different from the GRAM server, can be defined for file staging. Then storage server must be defined (SE_HOSTNAME, attribute) for those resources operated in this way. This can be done either modifying the IM's MAD or using the new static-dynamic information model.

Support for JSDL HPC profile

Now job templates can be also defined using the OGF standard JSDL HPC profile.

Integration of the installation process with the Globus Toolkit

Some modifications have been introduce to install GridWay in a Globus Toolkit tree. In this case the build process will be managed by GPT.

Fixed Bugs in GridWay 5.2.1

Here is the list of bugs fixed in GridWay 5.2.1, follow the links for a description of each bug: 5090, 5113, 5333, 5231, 5302, 4922, 5251 and 5320.

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