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Release Notes 5.8

GridWay 5.8 is the new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler.

Release date: September 30th, 2011.

Modified Installation Procedure

GridWay core and commands are now configured, built and installed separately from the MADs, which have their own Makefile.

This way, GridWay installation does not depend on the installation of a given middleware.

Randomized Job State Polling

Job state is polled at randomized intervals, to avoid saturation due to multiple simultaneous requests. Moreover, the interval is duplicated when a failure occurs.

CREAM Execution Driver

An execution driver for CREAM, the job submission and management interface of gLite, is included in this release.

OGSA-BES Execution Driver (Tech. Preview)

A technology preview of an execution driver for OGSA-BES, the OGF specification for job submission and management, is included in this release.

Syslog Compliant Logs

GridWay offers the opportunity to write logs in the Syslog format. You can configure GridWay using –with-syslog option. Optionally, you can use a particular facility (LOG_DAEMON, LOG_USER, or LOG_LOCAL[0-7]).

Translation of Resource Requirements in Job Template

A translation mechanism of resource requirements in job templates to RSL, JDL and JSDL is available. You can explicitly set the maximum cputime, walltime, and/or maximum and minimum amount of memory for a single execution of the executable, by means of the ENVIRONMENT variables MAXCPUTIME, MAXTIME, MAXWALLTIME, MAXMEMORY and MINMEMORY in job templates.

Disposing Jobs when DONE

A new option to gwd (-d) is added to dispose jobs when they are done.

Bug fixing

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Bug #86: Problems with java.util.Calendar
  • Bug #87: Architecture platform always shows i686 from the bdii IM MAD
  • Bug #89: Abort migration due to suspension if job becomes active
  • Bug #90: Problem loading MADs in multiple-user mode
  • Bug #92: Error removing remote dir
  • Bug #93: GW sometimes loses LRMS type information and it sends jobs to FORK jobmanager
  • Bug #97: Deadline time isn't recovered correctly
  • Bug #100: jobtype and count parameters not generated in RSL NSH
  • Bug #101: SEGFAULT in drmaa_run_bulk_jobs when GW_PRIORITY is not specified
  • Bug #102: BDII IM MAD stops monitoring after a discovery failure
  • Bug #104: Memory leak in scheduler
  • Bug #105: Build error if accounting enabled
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