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SGE Transfer Queue to Globus and GridWay

This component is twofold. One set of scripts enables SGE to submit jobs to a WS-GRAM service, as that provided by Globus Toolkit 4.0. Implicitly this enables to send a job to any underlying LRMS, including an encapsulated GridWay (GridGateWay). The other set offers similar functionality but for GridWay. The basics behind these components can be summarize in the creation of a new queue in SGE. This queue will have scripts attached to each possible operation: starter, suspend, resume, terminate. In turn, these scripts interact with either Globus or GridWay, ensuring that the job is correctly executed in them.   This figure shows SGE with one transfer queue configured. In the SGE domain we find the normal SGE local queues and a special Grid queue (that can be configured to be available only under certain special conditions), that enables SGE to submit jobs to a WS-GRAM service or to GridWay. This WS-GRAM service can, in turn, virtualize a cluster (with several known LRMS) or it can encapsulate a GridWay (thus conforming a GridGateWay) that gives access to a globus based enterprise or partner infrastructure.


SGE to Grid Transfer Queue Guide:

Software Download

This release of the SGE Transfer Queue software (1.0) contains both the Globus and GridWay modules. The GridGateWay can be downloaded from the following link:


Support for these components will be given through GridWay User mailing list. You can subscribe to it following the steps described at globus mailing list guide, the list to subscribe is called “gridway-user”. You can also use this link to subscribe if your mail application is configured to follow “mailto:” links.


Gridway is an open source development effort. All new components developed as part of the GridWay research are released as “open source” under the the Apache License, Version 2.0. The Apache license allows software to be used by anyone and for any purpose, without restriction. Copyright 2002-2007 GridWay Team, Distributed Systems Architecture Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Any academic report, publication, or other academic disclosure of results obtained with the GridGateWay will acknowledge GridGateWay's use by an appropriate citation to relevant papers by GridWay team members.

Release Schedule

Version Date
Release 1.0 April 9, 2007
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