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BES Interface for GridWay

This component enables the remote access to GridWay's metascheduling capabilities through a BES interface, allowing users to access services provided by different grid middlewares. The BES implementation of GridSAM is used for this purpose.

This component is based on a GridWay DRMAA Connector for GridSAM that enables the interoperable submission and control of jobs by means of its BES interface. Communication between the connector and a GridWay instance is based on the Java DRMAA binding of GridWay, which acts as the local GridWay interface.

Software Download

This release of the BES interface for GridWay software (1.2.0) contains GridWay DRMAA Connector for GridSAM. This component can be downloaded from the following link:


Support for these components will be given through GridWay User mailing list. You can subscribe to it following the steps described at globus mailing list guide, the list to subscribe is called “gridway-user”. You can also use this link to subscribe if your mail application is configured to follow “mailto:” links.

Gridway is an open source development effort. All new components developed as part of the GridWay research are released as “open source” under the the Apache License, Version 2.0. The Apache license allows software to be used by anyone and for any purpose, without restriction. Copyright 2002-2012 GridWay Team, Distributed Systems Architecture Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Release Schedule

Version Date
Release 1.2.0 September 30, 2012
Release 1.0.0 March 31, 2012


The development of the project is hosted at http://dev.gridway.org/projects/gridway-bes.

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