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Dispatch Manager Scheduler 5.14

In order to decouple the scheduling process, GridWay uses a Scheduler module to schedule jobs.

The format to send a scheduling request to the Scheduler, through its standard input, is:


On the other side, the format to receive a response from the Scheduler, through its standard output, is:



  • OPERATION: Is the operation requested to the Dispatch Manager. The Dispatch Manager only supports the SCHEDULE_JOB operation.
  • JID: It is a job identifier.
  • RESULT: It is the result of the operation. Could be SUCCESS or FAILURE.
  • INFO: If RESULT is FAILURE, it contains the cause of failure. Otherwise, if OPERATION is SCHEDULE_JOB it contains a resource specification in the form HID:QNAME:RANK, where:
    • HID: It is the host identifier, as provided by gwhost command.
    • QNAME: It is the queue name.
    • RANK: It is the rank of the host.

GridWay 5 includes a scheduler template (gw_scheduler_skel.c) to develop custom schedulers. As an example a Round-Robin/Flooding scheduler can be found in the GridWay distribution (gw_flood_scheduler.c, in $GW_LOCATION/src/sched/). This is a very simple scheduling algorithm, which maximizes the number of jobs submitted to the Grid.

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