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Integration within the Nordugrid Infrastructure

Scheduling grid infrastructure on Nordugrid

Nordugrid plugins had been successfully tested using version 6.x of ARC Software.

Features and benefits on the Nordugrid infrastructure

GridWay provides seamless integration of Nordugrid infrastructures along with other middleware (LCG, glite, globus). Here are some of the beneficts of using gridway to interface with nordugrid infrastructure.

Table 1-1. Features and benefits.

Features Benefits
Support for DRMAA standard (C and JAVA bindings) Compatibility of applications with DRM systems that implement the standard, such as SGE, Condor, Torque, …
DRM Command Line Interface Command Line Interface similar to that provided by local resource managers to submit, kill, migrate, monitor and synchronize single, array and interdependent jobs)
Site-level accounting and scheduling policies Analysis of resource utilization, determining trends in usage and monitoring user behavior
Interoperability Simultaneous access to different infrastructures: GT WS, pre-WS, LCG, gLite…

Installation on a Nordugrid UI

The installation needs to have previously installed Nordugrid (ARC) client software. Specifically version 6.x. This software and instructions on how to install it can be found at Nordugrid client installation instructions.

The GridWay Installation and Configuration Guide provides complete information about installation of the meta-scheduler. Next steps illustrate specific aspects for installation of GridWay alongside Nordugrid drivers:

  • When invoking the configure command, make sure you add the option “--enable-nordugrid”.
  • If you are not going to use WS-Gram and you do not have globus installed in the machine you are configuring then you have to disable this mads with “--disable-ws” and “--disable-gridftp” when invoking configure script.
  • For a multi-user installation, the “sudoers” file of the sudo command must include also Nordugrid drivers:
    gwadmin ALL=(GW_USERS) NOPASSWD: $GW_LOCATION/bin/gw_em_mad_nordugrid *
    gwadmin ALL=(GW_USERS) NOPASSWD: $GW_LOCATION/bin/gw_tm_mad_nordugrid *

Configuration to access to Nordugrid resources

The GridWay Installation and Configuration Guide provides complete information about configuration of the meta-scheduler. Next steps describe the specific configuration of the access drivers for the Nordugrid infrastructure services.

In file “$GW_LOCATION/etc/gwd.conf”:

  IM_MAD = nginfo:gw_im_mad_static:-l etc/nordugrid.list:nordugridftp:nordugrid
  EM_MAD = nordugrid:gw_em_mad_nordugrid::xrsl
  TM_MAD = nordugridftp:gw_tm_mad_nordugrid:

Nodes list (etc/nordugrid.list) is a list of nodes and files with static static information of each node, this is an example:

  <hostname1> etc/<hostname1>.machine
  <hostname2> etc/<hostname2>.machine
  <hostname3> etc/<hostname3>.machine

To collect a list of nodes where you are allowed to send jobs you can issue this command:

  $ ngtest -R
The list of hosts that this commands outputs are the ones you have to add to the file. You also have to know what queues does each host have so you can select one to send to. To know available queues for each node you can create a file with all this hosts (one hostname per line) and issue this command:
  $ ngstat -C <name_of_the_list_file> -q
When this list now you can generate each file with static information for each node (that will be listed from nordugrid.list file). I'll provide here a template that you have to change for each node. Make sure you change important information about each node (<hostname>, <slots> and <queuename>). Make sure to change every <queuename>. Note that this file contains two lines, one starting with “HOSTNAME=” and the other with “QUEUE_NAME[0]=”.

HOSTNAME="<hostname>" ARCH="i686" OS_NAME="Linux" OS_VERSION="2.6.x" CPU_MODEL="Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3" CPU_MHZ=3201 CPU_FREE=100 CPU_SMP=1
NODECOUNT=<slots> SIZE_MEM_MB=1024 FREE_MEM_MB=1000 SIZE_DISK_MB=74312 FREE_DISK_MB=40461 FORK_NAME="fork" LRMS_NAME="<queuename>" LRMS_TYPE="nordugrid"


If nordugrid client environment is not automatically configured you also have to do so in $GW_LOCATION/etc/gwrc and add this lines and put your nordugrid client path accordingly:

  cd <nordugrid_client_path>
  . ./setup.sh

Using GridWay

The functionality and interfaces provided by GridWay are independent from the underlying Grid infrastructure. Please refer to the guides (user's guide, command reference, programming guide…) available at the Documentation section.

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