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Interoperation of GridWay with BES

The OGSA-BES specification defines Web Services interfaces for creating, monitoring, and controlling computational entities such as UNIX or Windows processes, Web Services or parallel programs, called activities, within a defined environment. A BES implementation executes each activity that it accepts on an appropriate computational resource. This document describes how to install and configure GridWay to submit jobs to BES endpoints.

Two implementations of BES have been tested:

  • GridSAM provides a job submission interface for submitting computational jobs to many commonly used distributed resource management systems.
  • UNICORE (UNiform Interface to COmputing REsources) is a grid computing technology that provides seamless, secure, and intuitive access to distributed Grid resources.


  • Install the IGE repository.
  • Install the gridway-BES package that provides the GridWay drivers to interface with BES endpoints. IGE and official repos must resolve all dependencies.
  • Alternatively, you can build and install the BES and dummy drivers by yourself. Install java-devel, axis and xalan-j2 packages, and the xmlbeans.jar and gridsam-schema.jar files to build the BES driver. Finally, set up the JAVA_EXT variable, if needed, in Makefile and gw_em_mad.sh files to find all jar files.

Configuration of Drivers

The GridWay Configuration Guide provides complete information about configuration of the meta-scheduler. Next steps describe the specific configuration to interface with BES endpoints.

  • Add the following lines in the /usr/etc/gwd.conf file:
   # MADs for OGSA-BES
   IM_MAD = static:gw_im_mad_static:-l etc/BES_hosts.list:dummy:bes
   EM_MAD = bes:GW_em_mad_bes::jsdl

GridSAM can use GridFTP, so add also this line:

   TM_MAD = dummy:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-u gsiftp\://<hostname>

However, UNICORE only works with an insecure GASS server, so add this one:

   TM_MAD = dummy:gw_tm_mad_dummy:-i
  • File /usr/etc/BES_hosts.list contains a list of nodes and files with static information of each node, this is an example:
  <hostname1> etc/<hostname1>.machine
  <hostname2> etc/<hostname2>.machine
  <hostname3> etc/<hostname3>.machine

The files /usr/etc/<hostname>.machine contain static information about each node where you want to send jobs. In particular, LRMS_NAME should contain “gridsam” or “unicore” to identify the target implementation. Please refer to the configuration guide for more details.

  • Some privileges are required to be set in the /etc/sudoers file. Please add the following lines.
   #GridWay entries (OGSA-BES MAD)
   gwadmin ALL=(GWUSERS) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/GW_em_mad_bes *
   gwadmin ALL=(GWUSERS) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/gw_tm_mad_dummy *
  • Configure the crypto.properties file in /usr/etc/.
  • For GridSAM, create a $HOME/.myproxy file with access data to a MyProxy server, where the first line is the hostname of the MyProxy server, the second line is the username and the last line is the password.
  • The BES driver uses transport-level security, while message-level security is not supported.

Using GridWay

The functionality and interfaces provided by GridWay are independent from the underlying Grid infrastructure. Please refer to the guides (user's guide, command reference, programming guide…) available at the Documentation section.

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