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A. Scheduling Capabilities

  • A.1. Dynamic Scheduling
  • A.2. Opportunistic Migration
  • A.3. Performance Slowdown Detection
  • A.4. Self-adaptive Applications
  • A.5. Checkpointing Support
  • A.6. Scheduling Policies
  • A.7. Scheduling Reporting and Accounting
  • A.8. Job Dependency
  • A.9. Single and Multi-user Support

B. Fault Detection & Recovery Capabilities

  • B.1. Job Cancellation
  • B.2. Remote System Crash or Outage
  • B.3. Network Disconnection
  • B.4. Client Fault Tolerance

C. User Interface Functionality

  • C.1. Broad Application Scope
  • C.2. DRM Command Line Interface
  • C.3. DRMAA Application Programming Interface

D. Installation & Configuration Issues

  • D.1. Modular Architecture
  • D.2. Requirements on Core Grid Services
  • D.3. Supported Remote Services
  • D.4. Supported Client Platforms
  • D.5. Decentralized Architecture
  • D.6. Security
  • D.7. Meta-scheduling Infrastructure Scenarios
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